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Highland Stoneware

From making our own clay to the finished pot, each piece is handmade by a dedicated team of craftspeople in Lochinver and Ullapool.

Elliot Hall Enamels

The finest, most exclusive and collectable limited edition freehand painted miniature enamels


Enesco have great lines to cover both gift-giving occasions and collectables.

Moorcroft Pottery and Enamels

Moorcroft Pottery and Moorcroft Enamels are famous for their rich colours and delicate textures.

Royal Crown Derby

This range of figures, giftware and collectables is the culmination of 250 years of craftsmanship.

Willow Tree

Artist Susan Lordi's sculptures communicate elegance, simplicity, peace and serenity.


Named after a bear cub brought back from Winnipeg during the First World War by Harry Colebourn.

Scottish Collection

Choose from our selection of pieces with a Scottish theme.

Present & Collect |  Gifts & Collectables

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Van Dal Libby II Black

Van Dal Libby II Black


Our 'evergreen' design this smart E fit sandal comes in array of colours. Feminine straps crosses the foot to provide not only a secure fit but forgiving comfort. Don?t be taken in by poor imitations this style is a Van Dal original and ideal for your special occasion or evening wear.

Ref: 0293110

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Van Dal Genova Bag

Van Dal Genova Bag


This versatile clutch comes in numerous colours and material options. A great all rounder it's the perfect partner to our shoe collection for an evening out.

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Sheila Fleet Tidal Silver Earings SE155

Sheila Fleet Tidal Silver Earings SE155


15mm X 12mm

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